[e-lang] Wiki access policy

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Sat Feb 2 18:19:50 EST 2008

Kevin Reid wrote:

> I would suggest captchas for both account creation and anonymous  
> editing; I'm not sure whether to allow anonymous editing.

With the current capability of the MediaWiki software we're using, I'm 
inclined to turn back on anonymous edits, just so that we can ban based 
on IPs again.

>> Another option is to only allow account creation by the sysops.
> I think this is slightly too much of a barrier to entry, because it  
> requires contacting a sysop.

This is definitely a concern.  I'm still worried that even requiring an 
account to edit is too much a barrier to entry.  But I have no way to 
easily measure that.


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