[e-lang] Wiki access policy

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Tue Feb 5 11:05:03 EST 2008

The password calculator might work for me, as long as I settle on rules 
for the site names.  I'd also need to use the same login name for all 
the sites, which is a slight problem in a couple cases.

Though the calculator won't work in the situations where I don't get to 
set the password in the first place, or have to share it with someone 
else.  Yes, yes, not the best security practice, I know.

I don't think I can use Passpet at all, because I need passwords for 
other things besides websites.  And I surf the Internet from 4 different 
machines on a regular basis.  Without some means to have all of them 
synchronized automatically, I wouldn't find that convenient.

Interesting though.

Thanks guys,


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