[e-lang] Wiki access policy

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Thu Feb 7 20:00:56 EST 2008

Karp, Alan H wrote:

> You can write down your userids and sitenames on a piece 
 > of paper you carry in your wallet.  They have little security
 > value without your master password.  In fact, I keep mine on an
 > external web page.  I just don't have a link to it, nor do I
 > tell anyone the URL.

Interesting and useful.

A next version could include some means to store the usernames and 
sitenames into a small centrally-maintained DB.  So I could type 
'amazon' and it would search the DB, and pop in amazon.com (which I 
previously put in as the canonical name) along with my username for 
Amazon.  Could search on the username too.

I'd also include a special 'copy' button next to each field, so that I 
can just click that instead of highlighting the text and typing Ctrl-C.

Maybe have a local DB using SQLite, and then download / upload the file 
using scp or WebDAV with SSL.



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