[e-lang] An attack on a mint

Sandro Magi naasking at higherlogics.com
Wed Mar 5 10:25:50 EST 2008

Sandro Magi wrote:
> How about an explicit "seq" object/function, which simply chains
> functions and/or operations together in sequence. That way sequencing is
> enforced in the code by the language's semantics, and anyone reading the
> code will understand that the sequencing was made explicit for a reason.
> It's a more explicit marker than comments.
Perhaps some more detail is in order:

Tyler Close wrote:
> During the Waterken security review, I think we also determined this
> money destroying bug could be fixed by simply switching the order of
> the two lines:
> balance += r;
> src.balance = 0; 
function seq(first, second) {
  seq(function() {
    src.balance = 0;
  }, function() {
    balance += r;

Javascript is a little heavyweight in its syntax here, but the explicit 
'seq' might alert the read that this explicit sequencing is important. 
Alternate syntax structure might make this more apparent, ie.:

    function() {src.balance = 0;},
    function() {balance += r;}


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