[e-lang] Joe-E 2.0 Release

David Wagner daw at cs.berkeley.edu
Sat Mar 8 21:17:57 EST 2008

Tyler Close writes:
>Also, rather than have separate safej files, I recommend there just be
>a Policy.java file in the Joe-E distribution that contains all the
>Java taming decisions. If people want to add more taming decisions,
>they edit the Policy.java file.

Interesting.  Can you say more about why?

I had thought that safej files were a better way of manually
specifying taming decisions, for several reasons: (a) They provide
a facility for recording comments about the reasons behind taming
decisions; (b) They can be consistency-checked (e.g., if you suppress
a method in class C it must be suppressed in all superclasses of C;
we can build tools to check this); (c) They are human-readable.
In contrast, the idea was that Policy.java would be a compiled
version of the safej files, for faster enforcement of the taming
policy specified in safej files.

What do you think?  What makes you suggest that the way to extend
the taming policy is by editing the Policy.java file?  Does it have
some advantages that I've overlooked?  (Simplicity?)

P.S. Thanks for the comments on this.  You're the first serious
user of this, so I really appreciate the time you're taking to try
it out (even though it seems not to have worked out so well for you)
and to suggest alternative designs that might work out better.

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