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Adrian Mettler amettler at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 11 23:06:17 EDT 2008

Not exactly.  But it does mean that any optimizations that the compiler 
does that use StringBuffer (or StringBuilder now that it exists) won't 
be subject to the taming decisions.  As I read it, the optimizations 
that the compiler is allowed to perform shouldn't change the semantics 
of a program anyway, absent deep instrumentation that can, say, count 
the number of invocations of the String constructor.  So at least these 
specific uses of StringBuffer/Builder should really be safe.  We aren't 
concerned about corner cases regarding resource exhaustion, for example, 
in the Joe-E context.)  Unlike implicit calls to toString methods, etc., 
there isn't a need to change the verifier for this, as long as we are 
willing to commit to whether or not these calls are safe.  If this isn't 
documented somewhere (like in the spec), however, it should be.  If not, 
it's a documentation bug.  (

The reason why StringBuffer has everything disabled at the moment is 
because I haven't tamed it yet.

Tyler Close wrote:
> Does the complete supression of java.lang.StringBuffer indicate a bug
> in the Joe-E verifier, since it is used in the expansion of the string
> operators?
> --Tyler
> On 3/11/08, David Wagner <daw at cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> I thought I'd announce the release of Joe-E Doc, a taming-aware
>> version of Javadoc for Joe-E.
>> You can find the Javadoc API reference for the tamed Java libraries
>> and for the Joe-E libraries here:
>>  http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~daw/joe-e/api/
>> (That URL is also linked to from the Joe-E web page.)
>> These API docs were generated using the Joe-E Doc tool.  Joe-E Doc
>> produces the usual output from Javadoc, but also annotates it with
>> information from the taming database so that you can quickly spot which
>> methods are suppressed, etc.  The page above will be automatically
>> refreshed once a week to reflect the latest taming database and Joe-E
>> library in the Joe-E Google Code Subversion repository and the latest
>> Javadoc comments from the OpenJDK 7 Mercurial repository.
>> Some of you may remember EDoc, a version of Javadoc built in the E
>> project for a similar purpose.  Unfortunately EDoc was not open source
>> and bitrotted.  Joe-E Doc fulfills a similar purpose to EDoc, but because
>> Sun has released their OpenJDK under the GPL license, we're able to
>> release the Joe-E Doc tool under an open source license (the GPL):
>>  http://code.google.com/p/joe-e-doc/
>> Joe-E Doc was written by Kanav Arora, Akshay Krishnamurthy, and Adrian
>> Mettler.  Thanks, guys!
>> If you peruse the API docs above, the first thing you'll notice is
>> just how incredibly sparse the Joe-E taming database is.  If anyone
>> would like to contribute to the Joe-E project, helping us build up a
>> taming database might be a great place to start.
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