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Terry Stanley cocoonfx at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 23:38:35 EDT 2008

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Subject: Re: a couple of points about Causeway
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Terry Stanley wrote:
 > I will explain about these transformations in more detail later. But I
 > wanted to give you guys a heads-up now that you shouldn't be surprised
 > if you need to write such filters and transformers before Causeway's
 > visualizations of your traces becomes useful.

 I've got an initial implementation of Causeway logging for Waterken done
 and have generated my first trace. The attachments to this message
 include the source code being traced, the generated log messages and the
 Java classes that define the log format.

[The class files referred to here are not attached since the format
changed from this original version.
Here's current documentation

 The Java classes defining the log format should be studied by everyone
 since I've done considerable violence to Causeway's original format.
 Based on our previous conversation, I believe I have all the semantic
 information needed for the Causeway viewer software. There's Javadoc
 explaining everything. I have also attempted to define a format that
 will be reusable across all the various event driven systems we wish to
 debug with Causeway.

 The Waterken logging implementation is done such that a server is
 configured with a web-key to which all log events should be POSTed,
 on-the-fly. Currently, I have only one receiver for these events, and it
 just dumps each one into a file in a log folder. That log folder is in
 the zip attached to this message. My hope is that eventually there will
 be a Causeway viewer that is the target of this web-key, so that all the
 vats in a distributed application can be dumping their events into a
 single Causeway viewer which updates its screen on-the-fly as events occur.


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