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Or just use Password hash at https://www.pwdhash.com/ to handle the
 password mirage.

 On 08/02/2008, Karp, Alan H <alan.karp at hp.com> wrote:
 > James Graves wrote:
 >  >
 >  > A next version could include some means to store the usernames and
 >  > sitenames into a small centrally-maintained DB.  So I could type
 >  > 'amazon' and it would search the DB, and pop in amazon.com (which I
 >  > previously put in as the canonical name) along with my username for
 >  > Amazon.  Could search on the username too.
 > The product version does better than that.  It includes a petname
field that links the https connection to your sitename and userid.
(Thank Ping for that bit of brilliance.)  You only have to click a
button on the toolbar to fill in your userid and computed password.
Unfortunately, that version is only being distributed via third
parties that license it from HP.  Ping's PassPet goes one better,
letting you specify a server that stores your info.
 > >
 >  > I'd also include a special 'copy' button next to each field, so that I
 >  > can just click that instead of highlighting the text and
 >  > typing Ctrl-C.
 >  >
 > The product version provides that feature.
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