[e-lang] Fwd: ES3.1 Draft: 07 Nov 2008 "Kona" version available

Mark S. Miller erights at google.com
Thu Nov 6 16:33:48 CST 2008

The EcmaScript 3.1 draft standard is rapidly congealing towards an official
standard. The Kona version at <
is the important one -- details aside, the only remaining significant
unsettled controversy is whether Decimal remains or is pulled from ES3.1.

If you see any significant issues with the Kona version that need fixing,
please give us your feedback now, or post to the es*-discuss lists. After
the Nov 19/20 meeting, we are hoping to change only typos, bugs, and
problems revealed by implementation efforts.

We are quite proud of this draft. Given the maze of bizarre legacy
compatibility constraints, I'm amazed at how well we've been able to improve
on ES3. The JavaScript language is about to get a lot better.

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  I have uploaded to the wiki
the 07 Nov 2008 draft of the specification for ES3.1. This is in the form of
in-place edits and markups to the ES3 specification. Revision history is at
the end of the document.

This shall be the document to use for review at the upcoming TC39 meeting
(19/20 Nov, Kona, Hawaii). If there are any updates or revisions prior to
the meeting, we will post them on the wiki as well as on the discuss lists.


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