[e-lang] CapPython and Python 3.0, and eyebrow-raising applications

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Thu Sep 18 17:59:22 CDT 2008

zooko wrote:

> Obviously you should send a note to the python-3000 at python.org  
> mailing list [1] letting them know about this, even if it is a  
> foregone conclusion that they don't want to make any changes to the  
> language before the Python 3.0 release.
> However, don't despair.  They could change their minds again.  Also,  
> Python 3.0 is backwards-incompatible with Python 2, and so it will be  
> at least a few years if not many years before people stop writing  
> Python 2 code.  You have plenty of time to demonstrate the usefulness  
> of CapPython in the context of Python-2.
> How to do that, exactly?  What is the application of CapPython which  
> would raise the most eyebrows and cause the most Python hackers to  
> say "Hey, that *is* cool!"?
> The web server that runs untrusted Python code is a fine start.  Any  
> other ideas?

I'd like to see a browser plugin that runs untrusted code with 
reasonable safety.

There are plenty of fine server side web application systems (Django, 
Turbogears / Pylons, web.py, etc.).  It is a shame to have to drop into 
Javascript to handle the client side interaction.  Yes, I know there are 
Python libs to generate that stuff for you... though I haven't tried them.

Better yet, how about a competitor for Adobe Flash / Flex, MS 
Silverlight and such that provides a nice Python dev environment which 
integrates client and server side seamlessly.  Something that can do 
good enough graphics for casual games (Tetris clones as opposed to 3-D 
first person shooters).

And while you're at it, why not solve the financial crisis, energy 
shortages and global warming.  :-)


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