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Ihab Awad and I have started a sub-project of Caja called "Shakhar".
The name is Hebrew for the color of the sky just before dawn; it also
puns on the SR-71 Blackbird and its replacement, the SR-91 Aurora,
both of which are planes that "fly above the cloud".

The idea is to run Javascript code both on the client and on an App
Engine server to form una.  An unum will provide javascript code to
instantiate a local presence in the browser; that code will be cajoled
and endowed with authority by the user.  We'll use Kevin Reid's
Caja-CapTP for the internal protocol.  An unum can also be serialized
and persisted in the App Engine datastore.  We'll use web-keys for
remote references.  We intend to implement a CapDesk-like environment
for the UI.  Existing web apps can be tamed and exposed as una; one
might provide the OpenSocial API as an unum.

The hope is that by following this route, we can make a web platform
that is entirely based on POLA and ocaps, allowing secure mash-ups of
any web content, simply by sharing web-keys.

All of the pieces have been implemented: Caja, App Engine, Rhino,
Caja-CapTP, YUI, etc; it remains to wire them all together into
something that can show others what a good web platform can do.

There's plenty to do, and we encourage contributions.

If you didn't understand one or more of the terms, here's a glossary
on the project's site (currently the only content there):
Mike Stay - metaweta at gmail.com


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