[e-lang] (fully qualified) names of basic types

Mark Miller erights at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 19:02:54 EDT 2009

E used to use "integer" for exactly this reason. But no one liked
that, and the switch to "int", despite the huge differences from the C
int, seemed to please everyone at the time. For characters, I think we
should stick with "char" regardless.

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 3:48 PM, Kevin Reid <kpreid at mac.com> wrote:
> We recently had a discussion on IRC about what the FQNs of the basic
> types such as integer, float, string, etc. should be on E
> implementations that are not Java-based, since it would be
> inappropriate to use java.lang.*. We decided to use
> org.erights.e.elib.atom.*.
> Further question: What are the *names* of these two types:
> Int or Integer?
> Char or Character?
> Allen Short and I would prefer the latter options.
> [12:49] dash: i'd lean towards the former
> [12:50] dash: on reflection "Integer" and "Character" seem better
> choices
> [12:50] dash: my first thought was that 'Int' and 'Char' reflect the
> limitations of the C types of the same names
> [12:51] dash: char currently shares some of those, integers don't
> [12:52] dash: conceivably, future implementations would not have a
> fixed-width restriction for characters either
> [12:52] dash: so invoking that resemblance wouldn't be helpful
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