[e-lang] E + MinorFs + AppArmor: adding Tahoe to the stack ?

Dave Chizmadia - Gmail davechiz at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 11:30:23 PST 2010

It seems like the real problem is that, for any tool you layer on MinorFS,
you need to have a working user-level application that is based on that

So, if you're going to layer E and Tahoe/LAFS over MinorFS, you should make
CapDesk the default desktop so you can show *users* how those three tools
can provide a basis for a secure user experience. It also provides a
platform on which to create new Caplets and CapApps.

Likewise, if you want to layer Joe-E and the Waterken server over MinorFS,
you could have a pre-installed and configured FReD (Forwarding ReDirectory)
and an instance of SCoopFS as a platform for doing Cap-based secure sharing
over the Internet. In addition, having SCoopFS available would provide a
convenient and decentralized foundation for an online, real-time CapApp Swap

The challenge in all of this is not assembling the platform, interesting
developers, and hoping that the resulting CapApps will bring users. Rather,
you want to attract users from the start, which will bring developers, who
will have to learn and use Cap discipline to develop new CapApps, which will
stimulate, expand, and legitimize the platform and "market".

Just my 'umble 'pinion,


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> > Unfortunately it seems almost impossible to make MinorFs/AppArmor
> > enthusiasts to even try the (admittedly esoteric) e 
> language, or to get
> > any response at all from the e language community on the usage of
> > MinorFs/AppArmor.
> would joe-e be an easier sell?
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