[e-lang] E 0.9.3 release?

Mark S. Miller erights at google.com
Sat Nov 6 20:11:34 PDT 2010

On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 10:54 AM, Thomas Leonard <talex5 at gmail.com> wrote:

> The 0.9.2a release currently on the main web-site is rather buggy. In
> particular:
> - it often fails to start (fixed in r718)
> - it contains a known security flaw (fixed in r728)
> - it suffers from various race conditions while running
> Any chance of a 0.9.3 release?

Yes, that's a good idea. I should be able to get to that in early December.

Sorry I haven't been finding the time to review your outstanding changes.
Could you maintain a page at wiki.erights.org pointing to outstanding
changes, so that as I and others do find time to review these, we can easily
find them? Thanks.

> Thanks,
> For reference, here are all the changes since 0.9.2 ("git log
> v0.9.2a..git-svn  | git shortlog")
> kpreid (15):
>      E-on-Java: Adding some miscellaneous tests I had lying around.
>      Added my deJSONKit (rewritten to use term-tree intermediates,
> with better strictness, and tests) to the standard library.
>      Implement sugaredBy and makerSugaredBy attributes in the safej
> language (as specified in safej.schema), mostly replacing the
> hardcoded tables of sugarings in ScriptMaker and StaticMaker.
>      Fix bug reported on Aug 28, 2009 by Thomas Leonard:
> Introducer#optUncall/1 does an instanceof without Ref.resolution and
> so did not handle a resolved promise to a SturdyRef correctly.
>      Improvements to safejTemplate.e:
>      Updated NestedThrowable and ThrowableSugar unwrapping to use
> Java 1.4 "causes".
>      Improvements to safejTemplate:
>      safejTemplate.e: Reformat all lines other than the regexes
> (which should be rewritten to use (?x) eventually) to fit the
> 79-column standard. Also document that non-ASCII identifiers are not
> supported.
>      Fix bug causing nested-throwable.updoc to infinitely loop.
>      Hide EvalContext and ScopeLayout access methods from Scope,
> since they can be used to violate invariants and mutate
> should-be-immutable Scopes from E code.
>      Reformat doc comment for SafeJ#getOptMap().
>      Allow KeyEvent.setDoit
>      Quote specimen in switch statement's "no match" error
>      When wrapping lines in Traceln, don't lose the last character
>      Fix ScriptMaker and SafeJ to be thread-safe.
> markm (9):
>      Reformatted to fit within 80 columns.
>      Just updating the version tag to be greater than the present release.
>      Modified devrune so that e.home will still be the parent
> directory of the scripts directory even during development.
>      Cosmetic, comments, and doc-comments cleanups. Mostly
> doc-comment cleanups to reduce the number of justified warnings from
> Eclipse.
>      Formatting
>      From Thomas Leonard:
>      Patch from Thomas Leonard:
>      Fixes eBrowser.e-awt (which is generally unused anyway, since
> eBrowser.e-swt is generally preferred.)
>      Fixes null bug reported at
> http://www.eros-os.org/pipermail/e-lang/2010-January/013362.html
> tal (47):
>      Improved error message when trying to call a named method on a verb
> facet
>      Show stack trace when updoc gets an unexpected exception
>      Preserve source span information when building quasi-literal
> expressions
>      Avoid Java 6 IOException constructor
>      Fixed "make tarballs"
>      Report source location when a uriGetter isn't defined
>      Serialize Switchable refs correctly
>      Add hostnames to the vat search path
>      Added Java VatSeeder class to avoid thread-safely problems with
> Vat.seed
>      Use makeSeedVat to make the parsing vat
>      Use seedVat to create eval vat too
>      Preserve source information about the collection used in a for
> expansion
>      Added SQL quasi-parser
>      Fix optimisation of simple return statements
>      Removed unnecessary synchronized on LazyEvalSlot
>      In "not synchronously callable" error, give the verb
>      Share a single SafeScope with each vat
>      If any updoc tests fail, print the number of failures and exit
> with a non-zero exit status
>      Added EExpr.compile(scope)
>      Updated ImportLoader to use CompiledE
>      Use SecureRandom instead of ESecureRandom everywhere
>      Allow uncalling ReadOnlyFile objects
>      Load resources using E's classloader, not the system one
>      Added Scope.with(ConstMap)
>      Added persistenceSealer to safeScope
>      Added <elang:interp.ELoaderAuthor>
>      Added seedVat/3 to give envExtras to the new vat
>      When running (unconfined) code with rune, give it a <this>
> loader by default
>      Set <this> loader when running updoc scripts
>      Added support for IPv6 addresses
>      Fixed formatting of IPv4 addresses
>      Split out most of updoc code from updoc.e
>      Added "updoc.trace" property
>      Load updoc.e from e.jar
>      Provide a rune script that works out of the box
>      Remove duplicates from the vat search path
>      Remove host-specific IPv6 addresses from search path
>      Updoc fixes
>      Disabled double-call "optimisation"
>      Bumped version number
>      Use eParser to unserialize data-E in seedVatAuthor
>      Return an object from SQL updates, not use an int
>      Fixed infinite-loop processing unknown updoc directives
>      Removed UserThread that was created per ListenThread
>      Allow result of orderlyShutdown to resolve
>      NearRef.sendMsg propagates exceptions
>      Make Vat.qSendAll private
> tstanley (7):
>      Changed Makefile to handle new extension (.log) for the example trace
> log.
>      Fixed close & exit event handling to shutdown Causeway.
>      Class field name in the Json trace logs changed from "$" to "class".
>      Added AmbientTalk example to Help menu.
>      Implemented new selection mechanism for multiples.
>      Added Waterken Purchase Example (Promise-based) to Help menu
>      Added Simple Ajax-style example to Help menu. This example uses
> only callbacks, no promises.
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