Re: DCMS rationale Justin Mason (
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 16:03:44 +0100

Jonathan S. Shapiro said:

> The current CM systems out there in the open source world are basically =
> CVS, PRCS, BitKeeper, and AEGIS (in order of realistic usability).

Hi all,

I'd like to pitch in with opinions of 2 commercial products. After all, it'll be well worthwhile considering as much of the stuff out there when looking at this problem space...

Clearcase: a bit of an animal -- installs a filesystem driver in the kernel to handle mvfs, their multi-versioned file system. I used to admin a load of clearcase boxes in a previous job, and it was a real stability nightmare, and required *lots* of horsepower too, slowing down compiles by about a factor of 10, compared to local-disk builds. There was no way it could be used over the 'net either; LANs only, unless you forked out megabucks for MultiSite. Big thumbs down for Clearcase IMHO.


now this is a great CM system; I highly recommend we take a look at this ( ). Everything about it, technically and UI-wise at least, is very nice.

Two down sides -- it has CVS' renaming problems, and is very file-oriented, which is tricky when you're working with directories. Lots of "find . -type f -print | xargs p4 something".

However speaking as a free-software advocate, the big down side is that it's not open source ;)

> In short, nothing out there is currently doing the job.

Agreed!, looking forward to throwing in a few comments here and there,