Re: Pet names, true names, and nicknames Bill Frantz (
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 15:37:45 -0700

At 05:28 PM 4/12/00 -0400, Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
>> >standard, but substituting '$' for '/' in the encoding because '/' is not
>> >permitted to appear in file names. [I'm not stuck on using '$' if there
>> a
>> >better choice.]
>> >
>> Could you see if "_" (underscore) is a valid choice?
>If I recall correctly, underscore is a problem in EBCDIC (do you recall
>better, Bill?). Also, it's the character that Windoze substitutes for
>internal periods, so it's probably an unfortunate choice.

There is nothing special about underscore in EBCDIC. It has a unique code point just like + (plus) and - (minus). I think it is even valid in file names on EBCDIC systems.

Are you correctly handling systems, like Mac and Windows, which treat upper and lower case letters as the same value in filenames?