Re: Pet names, true names, and nicknames Kai Henningsen (
13 Apr 2000 00:17:00 +0200 (Bill Frantz) wrote on 11.04.00 in <v03110743b519bd25e6a1@[]>:

> Unfortunately, for source files we must fact up to the line end issue. (I
> deeply wish one system had won. Even the one I most dislike.) My
> suggestion is to define a canonical line ending convention, and convert all
> incoming source files to that convention.
> There may be a need to support binary files as well. An example might be
> project files for some of the popular IDEs.

I much prefer just call everything a binary file, use xdelta for deltas (which works just fine with binary files), and leave any conversion to the end user and/or frontend.

MfG Kai