Re: Pet names, true names, and nicknames Jonathan S. Shapiro (
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 21:21:03 -0400

> Windows and Mac treat lower the same as upper case for file name lookup.

As I've said to you before privately, this is broken. Sigh. Also: foo.

> >Also, what is the filename length limit on Mac(l)Os(s)? There may just be
> >way.
> HFS0 has a maximum of 31 characters. HFS1 is (I think) 255. You need
> MacOS9 to use the 255 limit. OSX is BSD. I'd just tell people to run OS9
> or OSX and not worry about it.

31 characters simply won't do, as the hex representation of an SHA result requires 40 characters *minimum*. Basically, you are telling me that there exists no possible encoding under MacOs for SHA filenames. If this is so, I'll drop MacOs compatibility. If I go to a base32 encoding, which *can* be done compatible with a case-broken FS, I'll still end up needing at least 32 character names.

I suppose we can always do the disgusting thing and reformat the names by breaking them in the middle with a directory. This at least reduces it to a problem that a user agent for a broken FS system must handle. Better to localize the problem by breaking the user agent too... :-)

Is MacOS9 case insensitive? What about MacOsX?


P.S. I object personally to dignifying anything with such a broken notion of naming by calling it an operating system.