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I apologize for the off-topic post, but I believe that many of you would want to know of this.

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>The Associated Press
>M I L W A U K E E, April 22 - A man who developed one of the world's most
>popular pieces of computer software has died at age 37.
> Phillip W. Katz died of complications from chronic alcoholism,
>according to the Milwaulkee medical examiner's records.
> Katz's file-compression software is used around the world.
> "In early days, compression was all done with software because there
>was no hardware to do this stuff," said computer science professor Leonard
>Levine at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. "So Katz put together a
>program called PKZip, the Phil Katz zip program."
> The compression software made communication between computers faster
>and less expensive.
> "His program was instrumental in inexpensive, dependable
>communication," Levine said. But, he added, "what I felt was most important
>about it is the fact that you can get it for free and not pay for it."
> Nearly all program files downloaded from the Internet have the suffix
>.zip, meaning they are compressed in the format Katz developed.