Re: TCQ ascii version Frank O'Dwyer (
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 17:49:17 +0100

"Bill Frantz (by way of Mark S. Miller )" wrote:
> [E folk, this looks like it'd be a cool application of E.
> Frank, you say
> ... MozPL ... licence). If you can contribute ideas, or code
> on those terms, you are welcome to.
> Well, have we got open sourced ideas and code for you. Please check out
> "".
> Enjoy,
> --MarkM]

Thanks, I have seen E mentioned before on various lists and I also took a quick look at the binary distribution. I have only skimmed the documentation so far, but I had already planned to go through it and see what pieces I could use. My hunch was that it might provide a scripting component (I believe I saw 'scheme-like' mentioned), some crypto pieces (e.g. SecureRandom), and the security services may even apply directly to the problem. Haven't got the source kit yet but I plan to. How do you feel that E would apply best here and what are the best document(s) to start reading in order to get an overview of E?

Can you tell me if it is possible to apply E in a messaging application (i.e. when communicating parties may have an online connection or only a unidirectional store-and-forward connection such as email)? What kind of security services does E provide? Can it support anonymity, repudiability, PFS, etc? Also, I assume that some crypto pieces are missing so that you can export this? If so, is it much work to bring it back up to full strength.