Re: Visual Basic syntax Monty Zukowski (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 08:01:42 -0800

Despite their large ranks, it seems to
>me that VB programmers are primarily interested in scripting data
>flow among Microsoft applications and automating/augmenting Word
>and Excel with macros and such. I don't see that they would be
>particularly interested in secure distributed objects. Another
>possible survey question, then: what do VB programmers really do?

I recently wrote a tool to translate from Advanced Revelation RBASIC to VB. When I looked around I couldn't find a VB syntax, but I never really needed one either just to generate VB. I did work with a talented team of VB guys, and they use VB primarily for scripting a UI to a database. Generating screens and connecting them to a database is a breeze in VB. We're evaluating Java as an alternative, but it doesn't seem like the performance is there, the tools are there, and nobody here has used it for client apps much. Looks like we'll go with Java when rewriting our server code and VB for clients.