Announcing E v0.7.7 Mark S. Miller (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 16:24:09 -0800

This release consists mostly of documentation changes

Documentation Changes

Now that we have found adequate tools for editing html with embedded drawings (Dreamweaver 2 & Fireworks), I intend to convert all documentation currently sourced in FrameMaker, and remove the stale *.fm and *.pdf files. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to ask FrameMaker to write out its structured graphics in a form anything else knows how to read in. (Thanks Dave Krieger)

As of this release, the chapter has been converted to a bunch of html files rooted in
"", and the originals
have been deleted, since they are now stale. The for loop chapters and are derived not from the FrameMaker version, but from Ping's version. Ping, please treat these as sources for further modification.

I converted enough of the scope-box diagrams (the ones in
"") into Fireworks
drawings to satisfy myself that we can do the rest manually as we need to. In the meantime, the .gif images output by FrameMaker are now placeholder sources. Except, of course, for Ping's magic scope-box diagrams in the for-loop chapters. is the old email message of concurrency examples, turned into a web page. is the old Epimenedes Paradox, but the graphics have been changed so objects no longer look like condom wrappers. (Thanks Ping)

Code Changes

This release incorporates two new test files from Bill in src/test/javasrc/datacomm: and (Thanks Bill!!)

E now accepts standard 0- for octal and 0x- for hex, as discussed on the list. (Thanks Bill)

Elmer's menus now display and respond to standard accelerator keys in addition to the alt-key sequence. For example, to open a new file, you can either use Alt-F-O (the underlined characters) or Ctrl-O.

When an Elmer window appears, it now grabs the focus. Seems like a little thing, but that extra mouse click sure was annoying.