Re: Vat Location Service Ben Laurie (
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 08:32:25 +0000

Eric Messick wrote:
> In message <>, Bill Frantz <> wrote:
> >MarkM asked me over dinner last night where we could bring up a Vat
> >Location Service (VLS). The basic requirements are a 24/7 Internet
> >connected machine capable of running a Java virtual machine.
> >
> >Well, on the way home, my wife Peri mentioned the magic word, HTTP. It
> >occurs to me that if we implemented a HTTP/CGI based VLS, then we could put
> >up a VLS on any ISP that supported user CGIs. Doing this would require
> >some changes in DataComm to recognize a URL for the search path and run the
> >VLS under HTTP protocol, but I think that is quite doable.
> >
> >Reactions?
> I always thought that an ASCII protocol version would be interesting...

HTTP does not require the payload to be ASCII, of course.




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