RE: Build Problems Resolved
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 12:08:15 -0700

What is a quasi-parser?
How is it different from a parser?
In the generated code?
From whence this term quasi-parser, any references? What could you accomplish with a quasi-parser that you can't with a parser? Are you really asking for an E language code generator?

3) Replacing the rather byzantine byaccj process with a grammar etc. built around ANTLR. Using the tree support in ANTLR might lead us directly to:

Parsing the string of characters into a parse-tree should be, and I believe is, orthogonal from how/whether one generates code from those trees. I would love for someone to replace the byaccj parser with an ANTLR-based parser, and I believe the result could be slid in without effecting much else. Separately, I have been planning to generate jvm bytecodes from my parse-tree for a while now. I'm perfectly receptive to the notion that ANTLR's tree-grammar stuff might provide a better framework for doing so. Again, I don't see the change as effecting much elsewhere.

Btw, a more valuable exercise would be to integrate in ANTLR as a quasi-parser generation tool, such that its use to create an E-grammar quasi-parser was just one case of that. Were this done, then one should be able to turn any existing ANTLR grammar into a quasi-parser for that grammar easily.